Category: April 2021

Kindred Bromsgrove

Classes will be returning soon! Exciting new venues and spaces to practise together.

Kindred Bromsgrove is a holistic community space which aims to provide a nurturing environment for well being, support and spiritual nourishment. My ante natal classes , meditation and women’s workshops will be held here from June 1st.

A return to Avoncroft for my larger classes and general Hatha yoga, which many of you know really well; the Forge room is a perfect, peaceful space overlooking the gardens, we may venture outside!!!

More information to follow as soon as we know when we can safely return and practise together again in real time!!

I want to extend a HUGE THANK YOU to ALL of YOU who so kindly donated to my fundraising this year, a whopping
£1,603.10p !!!!!!!!!!

This money goes directly to MIND, to raise awareness and provide support for those in crisis with their mental health.

Thank you to those of you who joined on the day, we had an amazing 2 ½ hours of yoga, relaxation and mantra, well done to All participants. ( And a thank you to the zoom for behaving itself!!)

We have proved it is possible to still make these things happen in the strangest of times and without seeing each other in person. I am struck as always, what an amazing yoga community we have and how the real value of AUTHENTIC YOGA TEACHINGS extends in to the community.

Next year, we may get to have Real tea and cake!!




Jane’s audio recordings are available to download from iTunes to enhance your yoga practice at home.