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Workshop, Sunday 11th August, 2024

Sunday 11th August, 2024
Come and join myself and Monica Douglas, founder/creator of Wise Wisdom Oracle for a day of celebration, ceremony and self discovery.

During this day we will look at how to break free from limitations, to find confidence to express yourself fully.

Learning how to step into your most authentic self.

We will use yoga, Pranayama, rituals, ceremony and discussion on this day, to share together in joyful practice.

Time : 10.30-3.30
Savitriyoga, Shanti House
1st Floor, 17-21 Worcester road, Bromsgrove. B61 7DL

Early Bird £50( before 23 June)
Regular price £60
£20 deposit secures a place

Shanti House is our collective name, we are coming together to create a space to work which is supportive and community focused.

Savitriyoga is situated within Shanti House, I have a timetable of regular classes as well as one off workshops throughout the year. The emphasis is always about connection and rediscovery of the self; through yoga philosophy, mantra, meditation, Pranayama and posture work.

It is really exciting to have my own space again and to invite everyone to share with me!

We have just held our annual retreat at Poulstone in beautiful Herefordshire countryside, the weather was magnificent and warm, we were able to be outside for some of our sessions. The theme of our retreat this year was Energy, Transformation and the mantra Om; looking at how energy supports us; how we can bring more energy in; how we connect to the continuous flow of energy that surrounds and nourishes us.

We looked at many different techniques to explore  the feelings  of nourishment, how to feel the power of this energy, how to harness it and also where we can begin to connect to higher practices. When we look at the focus of non duality, what life force really means and how we connect to the idea of a greater force, a universal energy that supports every aspect of life.

Mantra was a big part of this retreat, with participants learning the power pf freedom through chant, culminating in our amazing kirtan with Rajesh and Upasana. As always, I am ever grateful to the people who came, with open hearts and minds and threw themselves in to the weekend. We all felt the energy, warmth  and power of coming together with like minded souls to share.




Jane’s audio recordings are available to download from iTunes to enhance your yoga practice at home.