Menopause Yoga

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Pitta Practice (19 mins.)

Use this practice for when you are feeling very agitated, hot, irritable, low in mood and need to lift yourself up, or get rid of excessive anger or irritation!

Kapha Practice (19 mins.)

Use this practice for when you are feeling very sluggish, unmotivated, depressed, low in mood and just generally feeling down. Get yourself moving with energetic sequencing and mood enhancing practices.

Vata Practice (23 mins.)

Use this practice for when you need soothing, calming and restorative nurturing. Remember to give yourself the gift of rest and relaxation, supported and held. You are allowed!

Strengthening with Weights (13 mins.)

Try to incorporate these movements at LEAST once a week to create upper body strength and tone. It will help with your weight bearing yoga to strengthen bones, and joints in prevention of osteoporosis.

Pelvic Floor Practice for Menopause (10 mins.)

Follow the exercises in this video to strengthen and tone the superficial muscles of the pelvic floor. It will help create more awareness in your body and also aid in core strength movements. Do regularly for the best results, bring awareness of these muscles in to daily activities and when you are exercising.

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Practice for Awakening Pelvic Energy (28 mins.)

Menopause Practise for Bone and Muscle Health (26 mins.)

Womb Tree Meditation

Womb Tree Meditation 17 mins.

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Deep Relaxation

Deep Relaxation 15 mins.

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