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Saturday Morning Class

Full Saturday morning class, audio (1.5 hours.)

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Neck and Shoulder sequence (6 mins.)

Wrists and Ankles sequence (5 mins.)

Perfecting the Cat Stretch (4 mins.)

Perfecting the Downward Dog (4 mins.)

Morning Sequence (19 mins.)

Evening Sequence (6 mins.)

The Five Tibetans (11 mins.)

Finding Your Comfortable Seat (7 mins.)

Alternate Nostril Breathing, Nadi Shodana (8 mins.)

Qi Gong Sequence (11 mins.)

January – Stepping into the New Year with Positivity (30 mins.)

February – Renewal, Energy and Release (17 mins.)

March – Energy, strength, stillness, bringing yourself home to a place of balance (27 mins.)

April – Stillness, spaciousness and centring, finding your feeling of wholeness (28 mins.)

May – Learning to be more present, in the moment. Let your practise lead you back to the inner stillness. Focus deeply on your breath, slow down, let go of distractions as you immerse yourself in the movement. Your yoga always leads you home, to inner stillness and a sense of peace. (39 mins.)

June – resting in the warmth and energy of summer, how to nourish yourself without becoming tired, soothing, calming and cooling.
Find energy in the movements but also remember to bring in your cooling breaths when needed (35 mins.)

July – bringing in the light and energy that sustains us. A slow, floor-based yin yoga practise. You can stay, release, surrender and dissolve any tension, without exerting too much energy! Rest in the cool, quiet space of your own heart centre (22 mins.)

August – Nourishment and Energy. How to bring it in to your body and mind. How to sustain and hold this energy. (17 mins.)

September – Finding balance in the turn of the seasons. Bringing vitality and energy in, releasing anything that no longer supports you, creating harmony in body and mind. (12 mins.)

October – Finding balance in daily life. Finding balance in your breathing, finding balance in your body. (18 mins.)

November – Allow your breath to be your guide, your bridge back to your heart centre, let the breath move in to any tightness in the back of the body, release the armoury and tightness, come home to the inner stillness (24 mins.)

December – As the end of the year draws close, we can take the time out to be still, to breathe, to soften and come home to our inner most self. Use this mantra based meditation to lead you back to the deep inner quiet of your own being (18 mins.)