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Energy, Transformation and the Power of Om.

This year we will focus our attention on understanding energy, the power of the life force, how we can connect,feel and hear this within ourselves.

Through mantra, meditation, classical Pranayama we can learn to deepen our appreciation of the power that supports us. Ultimately knowing there is something much bigger than ourselves which serves to guide, shape and strengthen our experience of this moment in life.

£345 pp inclusive of all food, accomodation and activities.
There are a few single rooms available at a supplement (£13per night ) all food is vegetarian a small extra charge applies for any specific dietary requirements .
Limited to 22 people
A non refundable deposit of £50 secures your place.
All final payments due by April 10th.

Last year’s retreat was incredible, Poulstone is a very special place to be with yourself, be with others, immerse yourself in nature and yoga, delicious food and great company. A retreat is an opportunity to go deeper into your practice and discover the lifelong benefits of yoga, connection and community.

Connection and community are the cornerstone of our classes;the union of body,breath , mind and spirit. Knowing fundamentally that we are all the same, allows us to remove our ego, to support the wider community as well as ourselves. The yoga we practice has nothing to do with fitness or flexibility, (this does occur but it is not the ultimate goal!)

We begin to see ourselves as part of something much greater, (Gyana yoga), losing the little ‘I’, allows us to be less isolated in the world, to give of ourselves in service to others (karma yoga), to have more clarity and energy (mantra yoga), ultimately to come home to the inner sanctuary of peace that we hold in our heart centre.  When we know this , we share willingly.

We ended the year of wonderful classes, workshops and retreats with a final Solstice mantra evening at Kindred with some rousing kirtan to welcome in the light, Gayatri Mantra and Mrityunjaya for healing and peace.

The final class of the year was a Christmas celebration with outfits, silliness, coffee, mince pies and laughter!

Our classes are about connection; coming together, sharing, in a supportive environment , allowing the deeper meaning of authentic yoga practise to shine through.

Thank you to everyone who has attended, supported and been a part of this brilliant yoga community.

2024 is about bringing in the light, celebrating this deepening connection to ourselves, the greater world and each other.

Becky Lilley from Bexerciseplus, invited myself and Leila Holmes of Physioadvantage to deliver a menopause workshop to her students last week at Lightwoods House, Bearwood in Birmingham.

We focused our workshop on creating awareness of the pelvic floor , strengthening and supporting. Connecting to the energetic movements that support the pelvis and womb space during menopause; with a deep focus on breathwork and relaxation. We finished the evening with canapes and drinks; it was a lovely evening to share with a group of lovely women in a beautiful venue.

We shall be running another workshop there in the New Year!

Thank you to everyone who attended, donated and made cakes for my annual charity event at Avoncroft arts centre last weekend, it was a fantastic turnout of over 30 people, any cakes left were also donated to the Basement food bank. We raised an amazing £1,123 !!!! I donated £200 of this to the British Heart foundation .

The money raised for the Basement Project is so important, particularly at this time when so many people are struggling , the funds will go to support counselling , food parcels and emergency support.


I am supporting the lovely Kindred Community Holistic space on July 9th in collaboration with Bayleys coffee and cocktail venue, to support local independent businesses in Bromsgrove.

There are lots of different sessions throughout the day, all things spiritual and uplifting, plus great refreshments from Bayleys!

I shall be doing the first session of the day with a Mantra Yoga, and meditation session followed by a deep relaxation.

This is a ticketed event as spaces are limited.

Please come along, support local businesses and meet some wonderful people whilst having a lovely time for yourself!

My annual fundraiser is happening again at Avoncroft Arts Centre, this year I am raising money again for the Basement Project in Bromsgrove, which helps disadvantaged, homeless and vulnerable young people to find accommodation, and get themselves back on their feet. It also runs an amazing foodbank which supports many families locally. I am also donating some of the funds raised to the British Heart Foundation as my partner was recently diagnosed with Atrial Fibrillation, a very common and often undiagnosed heart condition.

Donations to the Basement Project can be made here:

Please come and join myself and all the regular yogis to have a wonderful yoga session, some laughter, some chat and of course, tea and cakes afterwards!

No need to book for this event, please come along and bring a friend, help me raise some much needed funds and awareness of these issues.

An evening of uplifting mantra and singing to celebrate the light at this most perfect time of year, we connect to the inner light in our hearts.


The theme of this years retreat was Silence of Heart, self realization, coming home to ourselves; to discover the philosophy that supports our practise in our daily lives, our connection to our heart centre.

We studied the Yamas and Niyamas, the first 2 limbs of the 8 fold path of Yoga. The codes of conduct for living and personal codes of conduct, how we relate them to ourselves, how we integrate them in to daily life.

Interspersed with our study we shared amazing food, wonderful conversations and connection to like minded souls.
Our regular Saturday evening kirtan with Rajesh and Upasana was so uplifting, filled with joy, hard not to dance to Rajesh’s infectious drumming!!

Poulstone Court feels like a spiritual home. Those who have attended previously felt they were returning to a place of comfort, support and discovery where they have the opportunity to be themselves, re-discover themselves and perhaps a new way of being.

A retreat is a refuge, a time away from the everyday, an opportunity to go deeper; to look at what is needed and what can be released.

We always leave energised, refreshed and enlightened.

Wonderful workshop for pelvic health and strength in menopause this weekend. Sharing with Leila Holmes , women’s health physio, VHK women’s health clinic and our clients who attended.
We focused on holistic care and nourishment of the whole menopause journey and what we can do to create emotional and physical support.
I run a weekly menopause support yoga group as well as other healing classes , workshops and collaborations throughout the year .
Thank you everyone who attended for the lovely positive energy; menopause is a journey we can navigate with grace, humour and nourishing support .
#menopausesupport #menopauseyoga




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