Healing Yoga

A journey to stillness & inner peace


teach very gentle breath led yoga, I encourage students to slow down and listen to themselves and their bodies and to let go of the ego and the ‘doing’.

The focus of the physical practice is for each student to find their own level. The mastery of each pose comes with regular practice and discipline, it is not a quick fix. I offer modifications and different stages to each asana (posture), so everyone in the class will find a comfortable level.

Each movement becomes a dance and flow of breath and energy, balanced and harmonious. Turning up the awareness in body, breath and mind leads to a calm meditative state. This provides a lightness and ease within the body and a renewed focus and energy of spirit. All classes are 90 minutes long unless otherwise stated. 




This class consists of simple stretches, an introduction to some key postures, breathing practices and relaxation. The classes are suitable for all levels of experience and offer a chance to learn how to breathe deeply, discover movement and the awareness of the body, mind, breath connection.


Emphasis is given to a deeper connection to one’s own energy body (awareness of the chakra philosophy), meditation in movement, mantra yoga and Pranayama.

The intermediate sessions are suitable for those with some previous yoga experience, while in the advanced sessions are for those with at least two years class experience.


Meditation is not something that you ‘do’; it is a state that arises from creating the space to be still. These sessions allow you to do just that, using simple breathing techniques, allowing yourself to surrender and just be.

No previous experience is needed, nor do you need to be a yoga practitioner.


In the comfort of your own home, I will guide you through a full yoga session, specifically designed for your needs, allowing you to deepen your awareness. Ideal for nervous beginners, those wanting to refresh their yoga practice and committed students looking to go deeper with the spiritual aspects of their journey.



Why should I practice yoga?

We all come to yoga for different reasons, most people generally have an inkling that yoga may help them relax and stretch! Yoga is holistic, the physical stretches build strength and flexibility, breathing practices open the body to harmonize, balance and relax the system. The chanting removes emotional blockages, helps the mind to be focused, clearing the way for meditation, deep healing and stillness.
When we first begin, we focus on settling into the physicality of the movement, learning to allow the deep breathing to lead. A lot of people find moving with their breath quite difficult to begin with, but after a couple of weeks of practice, everything flows beautifully.

Yoga is a discipline, being focused, creates a quietness in the mind, a lightness and ease in the body, new levels of energy and awareness, which crosses over into our daily lives. This is where our yoga practice is very different to other forms of exercise. It has a deep philosophy behind it, which has been practiced in many forms for thousands of years. The main objective of the practice is to discover ourselves, and the beautiful luminosity within us all.

How long are your classes?

Generally speaking a full yoga session will be 90 minutes, our workshops are a more intensive practice and therefore last between 2-3 hours. 

What should I wear?

It is recommended you wear loose, comfortable layers that you can move easily in; leggings, t-shirt, tracksuit bottoms for example. We work in bare feet on the mat, but it’s a good idea to have socks with you in the colder seasons. 

Can anyone do it?

I teach all age groups and abilities, I have a special interest in incorporating the less able and fit students into classes, using modifications and props.
The beauty of my yoga practice is that it truly is for everyone, regardless of your ability. If you are unsure about any aspects of yoga or have any questions you’d like answered please don’t hesitate to be in touch for additional guidance.