Pregnancy Yoga

Discover how to relax & release


have been teaching the antenatal classes for over 16 years now and my current number of yoga babies is standing at 650! My classes are long established in the Bromsgrove area and are fully supported by the local midwives.

I have had a healthy mix of normal and twin pregnancies over the years and the rate of caesarean births considerable lower than the national average. Practicing yoga during pregnancy does not mean that you will have a pain free birth, but you are more likely to have a very natural delivery with less intervention.

A very big part of the class is about communication, the conversations are always amazing and we have a lot of fun. I have felt this to be an integral part of the class as it supports everyone, friendships are formed and strong bonds are made. This allows the spirit of yoga to continue after the class and the support network for new Mum’s is invaluable.




These classes are suitable for those new to yoga as well as established students. The emphasis is on gentle movements to create flexibility, core strength, body awareness, postural alignment and correct breathing. Everything taught in these classes is targeted to support your birthing journey, and can be incorporated into daily life to ease the general discomforts of pregnancy. There is a strong focus on breathing techniques and movements for labour, as well as birth preparation.


This is a session in the comfort of your own home with your birth partner, consisting of all the movements and breathing techniques you will use during labour and birth. Your birth partner will then be able to assist you during your labour, and encourage you to relax, move and breathe. Invaluable for new parents to be!

If you would like to arrange a one-to-one birth preparation session please contact me for more details.


If you prefer to practice at home, a one-to-one session is a great way to discover the joys of a yoga practice in pregnancy. I will guide you through a practice designed to suit your needs and the stage of pregnancy you are at; using movement and breath awareness to create flexibility, openness, strengthen key areas, discover how to relax and release during labour. As a one-to-one student you learn quickly, so this is ideal if you want to prepare before joining a regular class, or as a one off before birth.


These workshop sessions consist of 2 hours of practice with specially designed exercises to bring awareness back to your post baby body. The emphasis is on regaining strength and flexibility in key areas; observing and learning to accept where you are, deep breathing exercises for harmonizing and balancing, and of course, relaxation.

The workshop is suitable for students after the 6-week check up (normal delivery) or 12 weeks for C-section. Postnatal workshops cost £20 and include refreshments and cakes. Please contact me for details of the upcoming workshop sessions.

Pregnancy yoga with a toddler




Why should I practice Antenatal Yoga?

During pregnancy we experience constant changes to our bodies and emotions. A yoga practice creates focus, strength, stability, softness, acceptance and deep awareness of the body and breath. Antenatal yoga gives you the toolkit to deal with all the general discomforts of pregnancy. It allows you to approach the birth of your baby without fear. It is a healthy, safe exercise to do during pregnancy.

What does an Antenatal class consist of?

The posture work focuses on stretching, strengthening, flexibility, softening and opening. The breathing practices allow you to deeply connect to your body, to learn how to relax key areas during labour. Emotionally it prepares you to let go and relax.

I have never practiced Yoga before, is antenatal yoga suitable for me?

Absolutely! You are very instinctive during pregnancy, so a yoga practice is very compatible at this time in your life. The exercises are gentle and designed specifically for pregnancy.

Will antenatal yoga help me to have a natural delivery?

Every woman’s childbirth experience will be different with each child. Practicing yoga during pregnancy does not necessarily mean you will have a pain free delivery, but it will give you the focus to stay calm and relaxed, to be receptive to your own needs, and have the confidence to approach the birth of your baby with real joy. I have kept records over the last 9 years of running these classes, I am approaching 300 yoga babies! The majority of which have been born naturally with minimum interventions.

When can I begin antenatal yoga?

Anytime after 16 weeks gestation.

What should I wear?

Loose comfortable layers in which you can move easily. It is advisable not to have a heavy meal before a yoga practice, allow at least an hour if you can.