Ekhart Tolle : Being at ease with the not knowing is essential for answers to come to you

To the end of the Year we go, 2021, has been a strange mix of highs and lows, uncertainty ruling our lives.

We have all learnt to live with this now constant uncertainty , not being able to plan ahead , fear of plans being disrupted again, holidays abandoned.

If we look at this situation from a yogic perspective, we can see the positivity  that comes from learning to live in the moment. We cannot dwell on the past, nor look in to the future, happiness is where we are right now!
To call upon our practises and yoga knowledge in times of difficulty is what it means to live a yogic life, to go inward; a withdrawal can be a call to connect with and to your inner wisdom.

The darkness also gives an opportunity for rest; restorative practises and meditation are key, we bring light in to our hearts as we return to the inner sanctuary of healing. Your inner light shines brightest in the darkest moments, so take the time for nourishment and nurture over the holiday period.

There will be a special meditation for you to access through the support page.

This time of year always gives us pause for reflection, mine has been to reignite my mission statement! I am honoured to have been taught by my teacher Swami Nischalananda, who was a direct disciple of Swami Satyananda  in India for 14 years. His mission statement was to start an ashram here in this country over 30 years ago to train other teachers and spread the message of authentic yoga practises. My teacher has written many books and worked tirelessly in this tradition to this end. He has recently announced his retirement in his 70’s although he still gives spiritual guidance to his teachers.

Our mission as traditional yoga teachers is to uphold these authentic practises, without dogma, encompassing all sincere seekers.

I wish to continue in his footsteps, bringing light, joy and genuine yoga in to people’s lives.

Wishing all you all a Christmas holiday full of light.

We will be stepping in to the new energy of 2022 with the first workshop of the year on January 8th at Kindred Community holistic centre:

Let your spirits soar as you become absorbed and enveloped in  the transformative power of mantra repetition. This workshop is open to all levels, no singing ability required!
Booking required.




Jane’s audio recordings are available to download from iTunes to enhance your yoga practice at home.