Finding freedom, a release from within.

Learn Yoga At Home

This is our focus for the next few weeks of practice, when we learn to REALLY slow down, observe, and be quiet in our practice, we give ourselves the opportunity for surrender.

Taking the time to slow down enough to REALLY LISTEN.

The aim of our weekly class is to provide the support to continue this awareness throughout our daily lives.

We know how joyful this feels, when we take the time to JUST BE.

To be with our breath, our body to really look inwards and BE with ourselves.

Honoring the spaciousness within.

Practice photographs will follow, …….when Ive worked out how to do it!!!!

In the meantime, try a little breathing practice, a coming home to yourself….

Sit comfortably in your preferred meditation seat.

Allow your spine to be free.

Tune in to your regular breathing, observe where your body breathes in that moment.

Begin to REALLY observe the INHALATION, the nature of where it arises .

Observe the pause before you exhale

Begin to really observe the EXHALATION, the nature of where it releases

Observe the pause before you inhale.

Continue in this way, for as long as you have set aside, becoming completely absorbed in this circle of breath.

Everything else falls away, and you are just breathing, observing and resting in the stillness that is created in the pauses.

Feel the release and freedom that this practice brings you, use it when you need to create spaciousness in your life.





Jane’s audio recordings are available to download from iTunes to enhance your yoga practice at home.