Healing retreat at Poulstone Court 2022

This year’s theme was healing ourselves, our communities, our planet. We focused on the Koshas, the Gunas and the Granthis. How we can identify where we need to release within our bodies , minds and also what we need to bring in.

The group came together in yoga, mantra, meditation, yoga nidra and discussion of the themes. We also brought in healing Art meditation with Pam, our fantastic art teacher guiding us with techniques and new ways of approaching our art.

Saturday evening was a magical kirtan with Rajesh and Upasana, leading us in classical mantra, even a little latin; all coming together in song, chant and music. Bhakti yoga in its purest form from Rajesh.

On Sunday morning Andrew led us in to the healing art of listening and healing with his music and piano playing.

Hearts and minds open to the sounds, it was so beautiful.

This year was incredibly special, perhaps because of the difficulties of the last 2 years.

Spending time on a yoga retreat is a wonderful way to step outside your normal daily activities; immersing yourself in the practises, the silence, the nature, the delicious nourishing food and the company of like minded people.

It feeds your soul, takes you to a deeper part of your practise and leaves you feeling healed and refreshed.




Jane’s audio recordings are available to download from iTunes to enhance your yoga practice at home.