November 2020

This is a challenging phase of the year, magnified by the current situation; we can however, take a different perspective by using our yoga practise to support us in our daily activities.

We are going to use the next few weeks to explore the idea of spaciousness and what that really means to us within our practice and within our lives.
When you are doing basic tasks such as washing up or folding laundry, firstly be aware of your physical body, appreciate you have the ability to do these tasks.

Be aware of your breathing in that moment, be connected to the quality of your breathing.

Notice if your mind is on the task in hand, or is it racing ahead?

Our mind creates so much noise we are never aware of the inner silence.

Concentrate your awareness into the present moment, be fully present in your body and breath, let your mind quieten down.

Tune in to the EVER PRESENT stillness, TOUCH the silence and stillness in every moment of your day, have gratitude for this awareness.

Experience Spaciousness in every situation, as yogis, we can then have a more conscious relationship with our surroundings; this increases our quality of life.

We integrate spirituality in to every aspect of our lives.




Jane’s audio recordings are available to download from iTunes to enhance your yoga practice at home.