Revitalise & focus your intentions

At this time of year it is necessary to get your body moving, to keep your energies up, improve your circulation and lift your mood. When we have dark nights and short days, it is easy to get a little miserable and fed up. Our yoga practice helps us to feel light, energised, and at ease; little and often , a daily practice can keep away the winter blues!

Carry your class practice into your daily life. Bring in the deep breath awareness, when you need it most, remember to utilise the whole of your lungs and feel the ‘whole body’ breathing.

Use Mula Bandha in your asana, to create inner strength, stability and energy.

Be realistic with the time that you have, better to do a couple of postures well, with focused awareness on your breath, rather than rushing through every sequence you can think of!




Jane’s audio recordings are available to download from iTunes to enhance your yoga practice at home.