Yoga Retreat weekend at Poulstone Court

The retreat weekend at Poulstone court at the end of April was a huge success!

The weather was cold and dull but we created our own warmth with the energy of our practice, the wonderful food and good humour!

Poulstone court has it’s own wonderful peace, being nestled in to beautiful Herefordshire countryside. It is a perfect place to retreat from the business of the world!

The focus of the weekend was ‘ENERGY FOR LIFE’, bringing greater understanding of the chakra philosophy into our regular practice, but also how to apply it to our daily lives.

We had a wonderful Gong healing session from Phil Mcnamara of PM GONGS. No bathing suits needed! Just a willingness to be still and allow the gongs to sing and vibrate through our bodies; powerful and amazing!

Well done and a huge THANK YOU to ALL PARTICIPANTS for their courage, openness and humour.

Next MARCH , we will do it all again!



Beautifully organised, timed, held with a sensitivity, great energy and wonderful expression. Thank you Jane, I loved everything.

It has been a perfect retreat from daily life with like minded people. I have really enjoyed the morning yoga and found the Gong bath so interesting and overwhelming. Thank you Jane for sharing your wealth of knowledge with us.

The weekend was well planned and thoughtful, supremely relaxing, I will carry the light with me.

I was a little nervous before coming on my first retreat. Jane had planned everything perfectly and I felt immediately at home. I feel that I have developed and grown, and got more from the experience than I expected, I loved it!

Absolutely amazing-life changing for me. I feel so full of energy and a much more positive person. can ‘feel’ the energy, will be changing my life and practising yoga everyday now!

Inspirational, reflective, great like minded people




Jane’s audio recordings are available to download from iTunes to enhance your yoga practice at home.