Yoga Retreats


Attending a retreat is a way of deepening your weekly and daily practise. To learn specific aspects of your yoga which are only touched upon in a weekly class setting. Deepening the spiritual awareness and philosophy, by understanding and applying this philosophy to your own practise.
It is also a time to find silence and space away from daily routine, noise, family, to immerse yourself in the spiritually charged atmosphere of a retreat centre To eat good wholesome food, have spiritual conversations and meet like minded souls.

For the last few years I have ran our retreats at Poulstone Court Retreat Centre in Herefordshire. It is a beautiful old Victorian house, surrounded by wonderful countryside , no traffic noise, just the sounds of nature. The food is glorious and nutritious, all vegetarian and vegan. The whole space is spiritually charged with many years of retreats and practises held there; it is the perfect place to completely unwind, retreat from your daily life and sink in to your practise.

See all the photographs here to get a flavour of some of our previous retreats, each year there will be a different theme to explore and going forwards, weekend retreats will be from Thursday to Sunday, allowing for a more immersive experience.